XD series rotary vane vacuum pump is a single-stage multi-vane type vacuum pump seal, is a basic vacuum equipment. It has an eccentric pump with the pump installed and a fixed straight linetangent to the inside surface of the rotor, the rotor slot may have three radial sliding vane. Centrifugal force when the rotor vane and the wall is always contact with the pump, rotary vane pump chamber volume can be divided into three working chamber cycle. Working chamber volume of the cycle do so to complete the suction pump, exhaust. Each switch, pump the gas removing part of the container until it reaches the limit of vacuum pressure.

XD series vacuum pump has the following characteristics:
1. Direct transmission, compact, light weight;
2. Air cooling, no water, easy to operate, use, low maintenance costs;
3. Multi-vane and the bottom is equipped with rubber pads, smooth, little vibration;
4. Turn a pump oil separator can effectively remove small oil mist exhaust;
5. Pump design with automatic oil circulation system, often without refueling;
6. Pump that has the automatic suction valve when the pump stops working, automaticallypump suction valve and pumping system to be isolated to prevent the pump is pumping the oil back into the system;
7. Pumping efficiency, the inlet pressure close to the limit pressure is still a high pumping speed.


FOB Price: US $ 100.0-500.0/ Piece
Minimum Order: 1
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T

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