Animal Medical Devices Pet X-Ray Machine Model Met1800-02


1. Structure using ergonomic design, compact appearance, convenient operation
2. With high frequency inverter to emit high quality X-ray and low dose on skin, and ensure excellent definition and contrast of pictures
3. With techniques of kV analog closed loop control, mAs digital closed loop control and micro-processing real-time control to ensure precision and repeatability of the dose
4. With kV, mAs two button adjustment, LCD display, multifunction of safety guard
5. With 50 preset exposure programs, and can be modified and stored by the user for convenient operation
6. High-quality knockdown X-ray generator to reduce irradiation is much safer to environment and operator
7. With error code showing design. When there are error happend, error code shown on screen
8.parameters save automatically after the power cut off
9. With a rotatable beam applicator to adjust the X ray field and a collimator lamp to locate the field to ensure accurate radiograph.
10.romote and hand-held exposure methods. Decrease the skin dose of doctors.
11.Vet application software to ensure the accuracy of parameters.
12.standard Dicom 3.0 interface, sending, sharing, and printing easily.

II. Specification:

Item content
Power Output 25KW
Inverter Frequency 50KHz
Tube Current 70-200mA
Tube Voltage 40-125kV
mAs 1-360mAs
Power Supply 220V  50Hz

III.Machanical Parameters:

Bed length: 1530mm±5%
Floating left and right: 480mm±5%
Floating back and forth: 220mm±5%

IV.Digital imaging system:

Detector: A-si
Active Area:17*17
Resolution: 3.6Lp/mm
Gray scale: 14Bit


FOB Price: 5000-10000
Minimum Order: 1
Port: Shanghai
Payment Terms:

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