agm as baterias de gel solar smf battery Reliability 12 volt battery 12V7AH Battery for UPS systems


Maintenance free

 smf  battery

As it is value-regulated .sealed and glass mat is utilized .acid is trapped inside . so refilling is not needed and is leak proof.

NO Memory Effect


Some batteries say nickel –cadmium batteries.will become conditioned to provide less power after repetitious short usage /discharge .

No memory effect 


Some batteries .say nickel –cadmium batteries will become conditioned to provide less power offer repetitious short usage /discharge

Low self discharge


The self –discharge rate for HENDA SLA . battery is about 2-3% per month at room .temperature compared with 20-30% for other common battery systems .

Longer service life


Utilized thick and massive calcium grate ensure that HENDA SLA battery has a longer service life over 15years .

High discharge rate .


Since the internal resistance is low .the battery can provide high rate of discharge

Wide operation temperature range


HENDA sla battery capacity is rated at 20°C , and will operate from 15°C (5f)+50°(C (122F)when it is fully charged Ambient temperature is 20°C.service life will be more efficient under 15’C to gel deep cycle battery for solar street light

Battery Construction





Positive plates

Lead - calcium alloy with special chemical formula.

Retain sufficient capacity. Maintain capacity performance for long period of time (long life performance). Minimize self-discharge.

Negative plates 

Lead - calcium alloy with special chemical formula.

Retain sufficient capacity. 

Maintain capacity performance for long period of time (long life performance). Minimize self-discharge.


The advanced medium porous Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) or PVC separators retain electrolyte and prevent shorting between positive and negative plates. Separators adopt a non-woven fabric of fine glass fibers, which is chemically stable in the diluted sulfuric acid electrolyte. Being highly porous, separators retain electrolyte for the reaction of active materials in the plates.

Prevents short circuit between positive and negative plates.

Retains electrolyte.

Prevents active material fall by pressing plate surfaces.


Acid Electrolyte

The Electrolyte is used as the medium for conducting ions in the electro-chemical reaction in the battery. 

Container & Cover

Usually, it should be ABS resins. But can do as client’s request.

Accommodates plate group consisting of positive and negative plates and separators. 

Retains sufficient mechanical strength to withstand battery internal pressure.

Safety valve 

In cap shape. The valve is comprised of the one-way valve, which is made of material such as neoprene.

Releases gas if cell internal pressure rises abnormally high and normalizes internal pressure. Prevents ingress of oxygen. 


Data Sheets












Our Advantage





Emergency lighting equipment

fire alarm and security systems

telecommunication equipment

electric equipment and telemeter equipment

light equipment

Wireless lawn movers vacuum cleaner and washing machine

Toys and consumer electronics

Portable power tools measuring and medical equipment personal computer

Portable video camera portable

Garden lighting

Portable power station



Our Standard Product Flow & testing part








• The battery electrolyte contains fumed silica, and there is no flow, no leakage or no gradation of acid liquor.  The battery slot and cover is made of ABS materials through hot seal.  There is no risk of leakage during the utilization and transportation, and it is safe and reliable.

• The gel electrolyte is in dilute sol state when being injected.  Excessive electrolyte can fill in all the space inside battery.  Under circumstance of high-temperature and overcharge, the battery will not dry out.  The gel battery has large heat capacity and good radiation performance.  It is not easy to appear thermal runaway.  The battery can work under severe environment.

• The grid of electrode plate is in radial structure, which is favorable for improving the utilization rate of active materials.  Pb-Ca-Sn-Al alloy makes the positive plate have a good performance of corrosion proof and makes the negative plate have a high over-voltage of hydrogen evolution.  Unique lead paste formula enables perfect recovery performance of battery recharging after deep discharging.  The battery has strong cycle and duration performance, sufficient capacity and long life.

• The terminal is in the structure of tin electrodeposited copper terminal, which is favorable for discharging battery with large current and is favorable for the reliability of connection between batteries.  The terminal is sealed through fusion welding and second seal of resin sealant, and the seal reliability is high.





• Always handle batteries with care.

• Always store upright.

• Never over-fill with acid.

• Always charge in a well ventilated place.

• Always wear eye protection when handling batteries.

• Wear protective clothing if there is any rick of acid splashing




• Do not use at the places near fire. Hydrogen gas generated from battery may cause fire and explosion.

• This 12v battery is only for starting engine. Do not apply for other uses.

• Keep out of the reach of children or the personnel who do not understand the manual. It may cause blindness or severe burn.

• When using the battery, wear safety glasses and rubber gloves. Sulfuric acid may cause blindness or severe burn.



• Replacement of battery shall be performed as per following order. If failed, it may cause fire and explosion. Remove cable from negative terminal first. Connect cable to negative terminal last.

• When connect cable to battery, make sure not to get changed post of +and -. It may cause the damage of electronic components or fire.

• When using the battery, handle with care, sulfuric acid may cause blindness or severe burn.



• When moving battery, be careful not to drop the battery, which is heavy, do not shake the battery with handle, if there is the handle, It may cause the injury.

• Do not shore the battery at the following places. High temperature & humidity, or being exposed to rain, snow, and sunshine directly

 Best price batteries 12v 7ah vrla battery

Product Series and hot sale model








Company profile


ESG New Energy Technology Co. Ltd Committed to engage in off-grid system, We are producing batteries, pure sine wave inverter,solar controller , wind and solar power generation system production, We have a production line and scientific quality management system. Development and sales of high-tech enterprises.


Our factory has 29years history, we have 3 brand in China. ESG was established in 2013, a newest brand are specialized in solve green energy project.

Registered Company in HK managed with foreign mentality.


Our China factory shall be the biggest sealed lead acid battery factory in Guangdong province, Foshan City.


Total site over 70000 square meter, construction land over 50000 square meter long.


Total investment value is over USD30 million.


Manufacture full range of three brand sealed lead acid rechargeable battery 2V, 4V, 6V, 8V, 12V series.


We control quality from the material production process of oxidation, plate production, to battery assembly (including in-house plastic case injection& moulding dept).


ESG has in-house advanced Swiss ARL Spectrometer, Chemical Lab, Germany Digatron full set battery-testing Laboratory Equipment& Digatron charge-discharge production system to ensure quality& support R&D.


ESG batteries are honourably recognized by UL and SGS, and also have CE mark.


ISO 9001-2000 And OHSAS 18001 Certified.


Annual sales turn over is over USD100 million.


Annual production capacity is over 20 million pieces and 1 million KVA power.



Our Certificates


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Q1: What’s your payment terms?

A1:We accepted almost all payment terms,like T/T,L/C,DA,DP,Western Union,MoneyGram   

Q2: OEM Service

A2: We can print your LOGO on Battery case , If your quantities reached 100PCS , We also can printing your LOGO on Battery carton.
Q3: Warranty process.
A3: We can provide 1 ~ 8 years different warranty.
Q4:How long is your delivery time?
A4:Normally,the whole production cycle need 15 days from material to finished products,but we can send goods within 7 days,because we have lead plate in stock.

Q5: Why our price competitive ?
A5: Because the lead plate , battery case etc , all the battery accessories all from our produce.

Q6. How should a battery be stored? 
A6.Always store your batteries FULLY CHARGED. 

Check all batteries once a month and recharge as needed. 
Wet batteries can hold their charge up to 3 months. 
Sealed batteries can hold a charge for up to 6 months. 
When storing a chair or scooter for more than 2 weeks, charge the batteries and then disconnect them. 
Avoid hot and cold extremes when storing.

 Best price batteries 12v 7ah vrla battery

 Welcome for contacting with us

FoShan ESG New Energy Technology Co., Ltd



Email:sales10 @esgbattery.com

Skype:endyli @esg100.com






FOB Price: 3.28~4.6
Minimum Order: 500
Port: Shenzhen/Guangzhou
Payment Terms: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union

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