Maintenance free  storage battery

As it is value-regulated .sealed and glass mat is utilized .acid is trapped inside . so refilling is not needed and is leak proof. storage battery

NO Memory Effect  storage battery

Some batteries say nickel –cadmium batteries.will become conditioned to provide less power after repetitious short usage discharge .

No memory effect    storage battery

Some batteries .say nickel –cadmium batteries will become conditioned to provide less power offer repetitious short usage /discharge

Low self discharge   storage battery

The self –discharge rate for HENDA SLA . battery is about 2-3% per month at room .temperature compared with 20-30% for other common battery systems .

Longer service life  storage battery

Utilized thick and massive calcium grate ensure that HENDA SLA battery has a longer service life over 15years .

High discharge rate  storage battery

Since the internal resistance is low .the battery can provide high rate of discharge

Wide operation temperature range  storage battery

HENDA SMF  battery capacity is rated at 20°C , and will operate from 15°C (5f)+50°(C (122F)when it is fully charged Ambient temperature is 20°C.service life will be more efficient under 15’C to gel deep cycle battery for solar street light


FOB Price: 78-89
Minimum Order: 50
Port: guangzhou/shenzhen
Payment Terms: TT,and so on

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