This is a new product in my company in 2009 year. We used the high wear resistant composite that we owning independent intellectual property right and DY-1 series special oil. This bearing used for the motor that 30000-40000 RPM/min without load. We developed improved high speed bearing in recent. This new high speed bearing can used for the motor that 40000-50000 RPM/min without load.

  Component: Iron base/ Copper and iron base/ Copper base + high wear-resistance component.


 Φ4.5*SΦ10*6  Φ4.5*SΦ10*7 Φ4.5*SΦ13*8 Φ6.35*SΦ12*8 Φ6.35*SΦ13*8 Φ7.14*SΦ13*8 Φ8*SΦ13*8  Φ7.14*SΦ14*8  Φ7.14*SΦ14*10  Φ8*SΦ14*10  Φ7.14*SΦ14.7*10  Φ8*SΦ14.7*10  Φ9*SΦ15*9  Φ8*SΦ16*10 Φ8*SΦ16*11 Φ8*SΦ16*12



 Used for all kind of high speed motor. Widely used for food machine(Mixer, Juicer, Bean milk machine, meat chopper and paper chopper etc.), Domestic appliances(Vacuum cleaner, Air pump, Hair drier etc.), Power tool (electric drill, electric gringer etc.) And it’s can be used for mirror industry.


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Minimum Order: 10000
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