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Bi-directional Thyristor Stud Type Thyristor

Bi-directional Thyristor

High current rating
Excellent dynamic characteristics
Bi-directional Thyristor (Stud Type) SST80S TO-94

Rongsheng Wang
Rongsheng Wang

15 Products Yueqing, China (Mainland)

Supplier of All Types of Thyristors and Thyristor Modules

Supplier Of All Types Of

We are professional supplier of all kinds of Thyristors and Thyristor Modules.The famous brands we can offer are listed as follows:ABB,IXYS,AEG

Thyristor Module  (Thyristor Rectifier,Elctronic Module)

Thyristor Module (Thyristor

??/span>Characteristic ???Application ??Electrically-isolated chip and
baseboard AC 2500 V
??Sealing package according to

Semirkon Thyristor Diode Module skkt162 skkh162


Sell Bi-Directional Thyristor Triacs  KS500A

Silicon Dioxide

Capsule fast thyristors Disc thyristor KK1000A KK500A KK1500A KK2000A KK1800A

Capsule Fast Thyristors Disc

1)ISO9001, ROHS, CE
3)Ceramic insulation
4)With high thickness Single crystal of chip
5)fair price

thyristor Module MCC 26-16/ MEO (IXYS type)

Transistors Diodes

Rectifier thyristor modules

Transistors Diodes

Thyristor valve module

Transistors Diodes

Xiangmian Zheng
Xiangmian Zheng

17 Products Yueqing, China (Mainland)

General Purpose thyristors(KP2000-2200V)

General Purpose Thyristors

Feature:Low On-state Voltage,High di/dt capability,High dv/dt capabil-ity,Hermetic Packaging,Excellent Surge.

GuanJie Zong
GuanJie Zong

2 Connections 15 Products yangzhou, China (Mainland)

Thyristor module 200a 1600v MTC200-16

Thyristor Module 200a 1600v

Style No.: MTC200
Isolation voltage: 2500V~
Thyristor for

Mary Ma
Mary Ma

30 Products Hangzhou, China

NXP BT169D Thyristor Triac TO-92

NXP BT169D Thyristor Triac


Fast Thyristor TO-65/K25RIA K40RIA K50RIA

Fast Thyristor TO-65/K25RIA

types of thyristors TO-65/K25RIA K40RIA K50RIA
Vrrm 1200v Vgt <2.5
1)ISO9001, RoHS CE
2)Bottom is made by red copper

Mr Chen
Mr Chen

3 Connections 20 Products Yueqing, China (Mainland)

Bi-directional Control Thyristors

Bi-directional Control

1.High power industrial and power transmission
2.DC and AC motor control
3.AC controllers
4.Soft starters for induction motor

Zuitian Zhou
Zuitian Zhou

15 Products China (Mainland)

W0614WC160 Westcode Thyristor

W0614WC160 Westcode

W0614WC160,Westcode Semiconductors,Thyristor Module
1.New and original
3.Date Code:10+ stock

Xiaogen Liu
Xiaogen Liu

15 Products Shanghai, China (Mainland)

Eupec Thyristor/Diode module TD500N16KOF

Eupec Thyristor/Diode Module

PowerBLOCK Thyristor/Diode Modules for Phase Control
Short on fail
Preventing arcing on fail
Highest robustness and

Mary Liang
Mary Liang

13 Products Beijing, China (Mainland)

SCR High Power Thyristor

SCR High Power Thyristor

High blocking voltage and also low on-state voltage,high reliability and stability,idea performance and good look.

KP08GXX High Power Thyristor

High-power LEDs

Jason Qi
Jason Qi

29 Connections 19 Products Chengdu, China (Mainland)

MKC 500A1600V Fast switching thyristor module

MKC 500A1600V Fast Switching

Detailed Product Description high current high voltage and assembles
Type:Rectifier Module:MDC,MDA,MDK;
Thyristor Module

Common Phase Thyristor Modules Diode& Mixed Modules,MFx

Common Phase Thyristor

1,Electrically-isolated chip and baseboard AC 2500V
2,Sealing package according to international standard
3,Full crimping

triode thyristors(disc constraction,thin)  KP

Triode Thyristors(disc

triode thyristors(disc constraction,thin)
- current: 5A to 5000A.
- voltage: 100V to 5000V.
-dise model.

Eric Chen
Eric Chen

33 Products Yueqing, China (Mainland)

SKT1200/16E SEMIKRON SCR Thyristors


Detailed Product Description SKT1200/16E SEMIKRON SCR Thyristors
1.Reliable quality
2.Competitive price
3.Fast delivery

SKT340/12E SEMIKRON SCR thyristors

Transistors Diodes

SKT340/16E SEMIKRON SCR Thyristor

Transistors Diodes

SKT300/16E SEMIKRON SCR Thyristor

Transistors Diodes

Thyristor Surge Suppressors

Thyristor Surge Suppressors

TSS is a type of semi-conduct component which absorbs the surge similar as a switching function. When TSS turns on at its breakdown threshold voltage

Miss ivy
Miss ivy

21 Products Dongguan, China

P06A,P0640SA,P0640SAL ,SIDACtor Protection Thyristor



Thyristor Module --- MTC110A1600V

Thyristor Module --- MTC110A

180-days warranty
Competitive price
Glass inactivation technique
Low voltage drop and leakage
3 screws included

Jarvis Pei
Jarvis Pei

15 Products Hangzhou, China (Mainland)

MCC312-16IO1  thyristor module

MCC312-16IO1 Thyristor

Bellsdo Tech supplying
IGBT,IGBT module, Power modules, igbts,thyristor,relays, resistors,thyristor module, rectifier module

ABB THyristor D62T404010KW


Bella Hong
Bella Hong

108 Products Shenzhen, China

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