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Printed Circuit board, Single Side PCB, Double Side PCB

Printed Circuit Board

Printed Circuit board, Single Side PCB, Double Side PCB, Multilayer PCB, Rigid Flexible PCB, Rigid PCB,
Flexible PCB, Impedance PCB

Printed Circuit board, Single Side PCB, Double Side PCB

Multilayer PCBs

Double Side PCB,  Multilayer PCB

Double-sided PCBs

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Double Sided Pcb

Detailed Product Description double sided pcb manufacturer
No MOQ request
Advanced equipment
Final pcb functional

Double Sided Pcb With FR4 Material

Double-sided PCBs

Double Side PCB/PCBA Assembly

Double-sided PCBs

fr4 1.6mm double sided pcb

Double-sided PCBs

refrigerator pcb control board, single-sided pcb board

Refrigerator Pcb Control

1.refrigerator pcb control board
2.pcb factory,11 years of experience
3.prompt delivery

multi-make-up carbon film pcb, copper base single sided pcb board


single sided copper base pcb board, nickel-plated carbon film pcb

PCB laminates

single sided copper base pcb board, nickel-plated carbon film pcb


Yongming Shao
Yongming Shao

15 Products Lin An, China (Mainland)

Circuit Board Manufacture Single-sided PCB Board FR-4 LED Aluminium Lamp Control PCB Board Buld Dob Mob

Circuit Board Manufacture

PCB Capactity
Base Material
FR-4, 22F, CEM-3, CEM-1, aluminum, HB, 94V0

Customized Single-sided Printed Circuit Board FR-4 PCB Board

Aluminum base PCBs

94V0 LED PCB Board Circuit Board OEM Manufacturer Motherboard Pcb

Aluminum base PCBs

94v0 PCB Circuit Board With Rohs FR-4 PCB Circuit Board For Led Light

Aluminum base PCBs

Single Side/Double Side/Mutialayer PCB

Single Side/Double Side

In order to meet customers’needs, we have paid much attention to the professional training of new staff, the quality of service, and the flexibility

mr Nie
mr Nie

1 Product Dongguan, China

Single-sided No surface process No solder mask PCB

Single-sided No Surface

Detailed Product Description 1.Single-sided no surface process &solder mask pcb
2.Quality and delivery assurance

UL Testing PCB: Single-sided,2-layer and 4-layer

Multilayer PCBs

Single side PCB Assembly with Lead free HASL

Single Side PCB Assembly

Detailed Product Description 1.Single side PCB Assembly
2.Finely processed and quality assured
3.2 SMT line & AOI

aluminium single side Led pcb(UL ROHS)

Aluminium Single Side Led

single side Led pcb(UL ROHS)
2.12 years experience in PCB
3.Drill Size:0.1mm,Line:3mil

Amily Peng
Amily Peng

16 Products shenzhen, China (Mainland)

single side PCB with HASL

Single Side PCB With HASL

Detailed Product Description layer count: single side
base material: FR-4
Solder mask: green
silk on bottom side

single side PCB CEM1

Multilayer PCBs

Multilayer rigid-flex PCB with ENIG

Multilayer PCBs

Single-sided PCB with OSP Surface Treatment

Single-sided PCB With OSP

Aluminum PCB with 75um Isolation Layer and 1oz Copper FoilSurface treatments: HASL, immersion gold/nickel, immersion silver, plated silver and OSPPCB

Stainless Steel Single-sided PCB

Single-sided PCBs

metal base pcb

PCB laminates

metal pcb board

PCB laminates

Miss Liu
Miss Liu

30 Products Zhuhai, China

Single-sided PCB with FR4 Base Material

Single-sided PCB With FR


Single-Side PCB (FY-PCB120043)

Single-Side PCB (FY-PCB

Single-side PCB PCB Board
Base Materials: FR-4
Surface Finishing: Immersion Gold
Solder Mask: Green
Copper Thickness: 1oz

PCB-LED Light PCB Board

Aluminum base PCBs

PCB/PCBA/PCB Board (FY-PCB120045)

PCB assemblies

PCB Circuit Board (FY-PCB120037)

Flexible PCBs

Jeremy Lee
Jeremy Lee

16 Products Shenzhen/Guangdong, China

Singled Sided Aluminum OSP PCB Board

Singled Sided Aluminum OSP

Detailed Product Description LED Aluminum Based PCB
1.layer: Single sided
2.Certificate: ISO UL ROHS REACH

Single Sided Aluminum LED MCPCB Manufacturer

Single-sided PCBs

Single Sided Led Aluminum Based Printed Circuit Board

Double-sided PCBs

 Single-sided LED PCB

Single-sided LED PCB

Single-sided LED PCB
LED PCB refers to the printed circuit boards used for LED industry with various

Prototype PCB

Other PCB & PCBA

Aluminum PCB

Other PCB & PCBA

Prototype circuit board

Other PCB & PCBA

single-sided aluminium metal pcb board

Single-sided Aluminium Metal

High quality&competitive price
Quickly delivery&OEM
High performance&Fight resistance

single-sided aluminium metal pcb board factory

Multilayer PCBs

shenzhen aluminium pcb board good material

Multilayer PCBs

Hailan Zhang
Hailan Zhang

33 Products Shenzhen, China (Mainland)

China OEM PCB Manufacturer Single Sided Printed Circuit Board

China OEM PCB Manufacturer

Shenzhen Benqiang Circuit Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise founded in 2005 in Shenzhen and engages in providing the most excellent and prompt

Urgent Customized China Top PCB Manufacturer of Single Sided Printed Circuit Board

Multilayer PCBs

China Single Sided Printed Circuit Board PCB Manufacturer with Gjb9001 and RoHS Certification

Multilayer PCBs

Lucy Zhang
Lucy Zhang

34 Products shenzhen, china

single sided pcb

Single Sided Pcb

Detailed Product Description samll amount
2.quick delivery
3.good service
Dear Sir or Madam,
We are in the line

Single-side PCB

Single-side PCB

Have a professional quality management team, through the advance planning, prevention, course monitoring, after improvement, standardization of the

6 Layers OSP PCB with High frequency


8 Layers BGA PCB with resistences

Double-sided PCBs

10 Layers HASL PCB

Multilayer PCBs

Single Side Aluminium PCB Board

Single Side Aluminium PCB

Single Side Aluminium PCB Board
Aluminum PCB/Metal Core PCB/MCPCB/Insulated Metal Substrate(IMS)

6 Layer PCB with 1.6mm 1oz Thickness

Multilayer PCBs

White Aluminium PCB

Multilayer PCBs

Black Printed Circuit Board with IC

Multilayer PCBs

Single-sided PCB with Immersion Gold-plated Finish and Wide Applications

Single-sided PCB With

Detailed Product Description 1.We have over 10 years experience in PCB filed
2.Fast delivery and classic service
3.Our PCB

128.56*99.75mm Single-sided PCB with 1.0mm Board Thickness, 1oz Copper and Blue Mask

Multilayer PCBs

Single-sided Gold Plating PCB with Black Sold Mask and 1.6mm Board Thickness Wide Applications

Single-sided PCBs

Double-sided PCB with Lead-free HASL Finishing and V-cut Angle

Multilayer PCBs

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