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1.5kv PVC coated fiberglass sleeving 1.PVC coated fiberglass sleeving 2.Withstand Voltage:1500V-2500V 3.Operating temperature:-60C-200C 4.UL224 VW-1

1.5kv PVC Coated Fiberglass

1.5kv PVC coated fiberglass sleeving
1.PVC coated fiberglass sleeving
2.Withstand Voltage:1500V-2500V
3.Operating temperature:-60C-200C
4.UL224 VW

Xin Chen
Xin Chen

33 Products DongGuan, China (Mainland)

Natural color PU varnish fiberglass sleeve/PU Sleeves

Natural Color PU Varnish

Detailed Product Description Working temperature: 155C
polyurethane resin coated braided sleeve
ID: 0.5-35mm

Thick Fiberglass Sleeve braided Coated Silicone Resin

Cable sleeves

Electric Heat-treated Fiberglass Sleeving

Electric Heat-treated

HTG Fiberglass Sleeving is a braided fibreglass sleeving treated at a high temperature to mould, dye color then impregnated with insulation resin. It

Silicone fiberglass sleeving


Aluminized PET Film Coated Fiberglass Heat Reflective Sleeve

Aluminized PET Film Coated

Aluminized PET Film Coated Fiberglass Heat Reflective Sleeve is special designed by laminating an aluminized metallic heat shield to a layer of strong

silicone fiberglass sleeve

Silicone Fiberglass Sleeve

Non-Alkali Fiberglass, silicone resin
Working temperature: 200 degree celsuis

400~600 degree high temperature resistant fiberglass sleeve


fire and heat resistant silicone fiberglass fire sleeve


Insulation Fiberglass Sleeving

Insulation Fiberglass

Detailed Product Description It has good dielectric property, flexibility, heat resistance, oil resistance and benzene resistance.

Fiberglass Braided Sleeving

Fiberglass Braided Sleeving

1.fiberglass sleeving for insulation
2.Inner diameter: 0.5mm to 30mm
3.Thickness wall: 0.18mm to 2.0mm
Fiberglass sleeving for

fengling Ms. FU
fengling Ms. FU

20 Products suzhou, China (Mainland)

Silicon Coated Fiberglass Sleeving

Silicon Coated Fiberglass

Silicon Coated Fiberglass Sleeving
-Temperature Class: C -Continuous working temperature: from -60℃to +25

Silicone Fiberglass Sleeving Insulation Material

Silicone Fiberglass Sleeving

With excellent electric - avoidness, flame off-self, and softness feature. Widely used insulating protection of H&N grade electrical machinery

Miss Li
Miss Li

16 Products Foshan, China

High Silica fiberglass sleeve

High Silica Fiberglass

High Silica Sleeving is silica
tubing intended for use in high temperature applications as protection
against weld splatter, fire

 Silica fiberglass sleeve

Cable sleeves

Fiberglass sleeving

Fiberglass Sleeving

4>Application motors,transformers,instrument
Key Specifications
fiberglass sleeving
1>1500-10000 Volt
2> 200 Temperature

Silicone fiberglass tube

Fiber composites

High silica fiberglass mesh filter

High Silica Fiberglass Mesh

Ningxin high silica mesh casting filter can effectively remove slag,refractory particles and non-metallic inclusions from molten metals.It is

Kevin Lau
Kevin Lau

4 Products Baoding, China

Fiberglass Yarn(G75/G150/E225)

Fiberglass Yarn(G75/G150/E

G75 fiberglass yarn
high electric insulation.
high strength
high corrosion-resistance
low moisure abosorption

FD-EG104 E-fiberglass air textured knitted construction Fireproof

FD-EG104 E-fiberglass Air

1.heat insulation E-glass textured knitted construction
2.FOB price: get latest price
3.MOQ: 100 meters
4. heat

FD-EG104 High temperature resistance E-fiberglass air textured knitted construction Fireproof


High temperature resistance E-fiberglass air textured knitted construction Protecting FD-EG104


High temperature resistance E-fiberglass air textured knitted construction Protecting FD-EG104


Silicon Varnish Fiberglass Tupe 2753

Silicon Varnish Fiberglass

2753Silicone fiberglass self-extinguishing sleeving
Heat-resistance: H class 180C
Breakdown Voltage: 2.5kv 4kv 7kv
Material: Non-alkali

2753 Insulation Sleeve Coted Silicone Varnish

Pipe insulation

2753 Silicone Varnish Insulation Sleeve


2753 Silicone Varnish Insulation Tube


Lisa Shang
Lisa Shang

16 Products Xuchang/Henan, China

Overhead line insulation sleeve/ PVC2715

Overhead Line Insulation

Detailed Product Description 1. PVC fiberglass insulation materials sleeves
2. I.D0.5-40mm
3. BDV:1.5KV,2.5KV,4KV
4. -2

Fiber sleeve for insulation


Silicone Rubber Tubes

Silicone Rubber Tubes

Silicone material tubes are great for any insulating purposes. These tubes are high in flexibility, anti-aging and different size and colors are

Allan Wu
Allan Wu

3 Products New Taipei City, Taiwan

FRP chemical pipe winding production line

FRP Chemical Pipe Winding

FRP chemical pipe winding production line
Hebei Weitong FRP Co., Ltd. is a

Wei Wang
Wei Wang

25 Products --Please select city--, --Please select province--

paper and tape reinforcement product

Paper And Tape Reinforcement

1,consistent linear density
2,Good process-ability and low fuzz
3,easy for heat-cleaning
4,high tensile strength

material for electrical, thermal insulation


CHRIS zhai
CHRIS zhai

18 Products ANYANG, China (Mainland)

Heat Resistant Welding Backing Tape

Heat Resistant Welding

Aluminum Foil Tape with Fiberglass ( Fibre Glass) Mesh Center Woven Stripe is known as Weld Backing Tape. This product is popularly used for

Wang XinNi
Wang XinNi

6 Products dezhou, China

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